About Us

About CAPs

Community Assistance Programs, known as CAPs, was incorporated in 1999 and designated as a not-for-profit by the IRS.  CAPs was created to meet the needs of the underprivileged population to enhance their quality of life, an enhancement we believe begins with employment.  The primary focus of program activities is employment training and job placement services designed to meet the qualifications and skills of employer partners.  CAPs has two customers our job seekers in the pursuit of sustainable employment with a livable wage; our employers seeking assistance in reducing payroll costs and taxes while acquiring qualified and committed workers.

Our History

Since 1999 CAPs has had an average of 30 employees and 4 offices in Chicago and offices in Chicago Heights, and DuPage County, we have served more than 17,000 job seekers, supporting more than 4,000 businesses.  Our record of success is evident that our program processes are valuable in the struggle to acquire talent that will help your company grow.

Our Mission

Our goal is to maintain a structured job placement and training method that is effective in assisting job seekers in meeting the demands of the business market.   Our focus is to provide employers the benefit of government subsidies that strategically reduce payroll costs and increases business profits.

Our Vision

To provide CAPs offices in areas where there is a wealth of untapped talent that requires the CAPs methods of training, to create an efficient service delivery system that meets the needs of business and the job seeker.



Our Team

sheryl holman

CEO - Community Assistance Programs

Sheryl Holman has a Master in Public Administration and over 20 years of experience in creating, implementing, and managing employment training and job placement services designed to assist the disenfranchised populations primarily residing in south and far south communities of Chicago. As a community leader advocating for the Black community serving more than 20,000 job seekers since inception, Ms. Holman was an active member of the IDHS Social Service
Advisory Council, and was appointed by the Mayor Emanuel to the Community Development Advisory Council. As a major partner with the state of Illinois to ensure a complete count for the 2020 Census, Ms. Holman was relentless in encouraging the community to be counted. She has served on many committees representing the community bringing the realities to the table.

Currently Ms. Holman continues as a Board member of the Chicago Jobs Council, co-Chair of the Black Community Provider Network, a coalition of more than 40 agencies, and as an active member of the Women’s March Chicago. The Women’s March Chicago is a rewarding experience bringing women together from all walks of life with a common goal, “Women Rights”. Women touch every facet of life and
experience the good and bad. We learn from each other and we grow. I am humbled to be part of this historic legacy.

nearly 20 years with CAPs, supervises staff and manages all CAPs programs for client services and training.

more than 10 years with CAPs, manages and coordinates all administrative office activities.

original corporate Board with CAPs over 20 years, manages client payrolls, Information Technology, and all facility, and equipment operations.


more than 10 years with CAPs, working his way up through several agency positions. Maintains our relationship with hundreds of employers and supervises subsidized and unsubsidized employment.

As a not-for-profit employment agency, CAPs is governed by a Board of Directors each with the experience and commitment to providing the best possible services for our customers.

Board Members